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NEW PRODUCT – Wedge Wire Sheets

Wedge Wire is highly universal product that is used from high traffic walk ways to shower grates.  

We also have a available now a non slip version of the wedge wire.

We have the Wedge Wire avaiable in 304 grade stainless and 316 grade stainless.

Below are the sizes that we have available –

WWS100              1240 x 1050 x 9mm (2.25mm wire x 5mm gap)   304 grade stainless

WWS100- 316      1240 x 1050 x 9mm (2.25mm wire x 5mm gap)   316 grade stainless

WWS100D            1240 x 1050 x 9mm (5.3mm wire x 5mm gap)     304 grade stainless (NON SLIP)

WWS200              1240 x 1050 x 10mm (3mm wire  x  3mm gap)    304 grade stainless

WWS200-316       1240 x 1050 x 10mm (3mm wire x 3mm gap)      316 grade stainless 

WWS200D            1240 x 1050 x 10mm (5.3mm wire x 3mm gap)   304 grade stainless (NON SLIP)

WWS300               1240 x 1050 x 16mm (5mm wire x 5mm gap)     304 grade stainless


Channel and grate also available in limited sizes

 Wedge Wire Sheet

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